10 comments on “Patient Comments

  1. Dr Steve,
    I’ve been to many Chiropractors, but none are as caring and attentive as you are. You’re definitely one of the best!
    I really appreciate and value your skills with ART. For all those people who have not been to a Chiropractor who practices ART, they are missing something very special. Not only are you carefully attentive when doing adjustments, you also provide effective muscular benefits from the ART. The two techniques together set you apart from most others. Sessions are thorough and very professional and usually run about 20-30 minutes. Thanks for being such an important part of my good health!

  2. Dr. Steve,
    Thank you so much for getting me out of the Neurologist office! I really appreciate your skills, especially the ART. I’m not only migraine free finally…but medication free also!!
    My neck, back, shoulders, and hips are much more flexible and much less painful. That’s all helped me toward my health and fitness goals. Knowing that you’ll help fix whatever I may undue at work or in the gym, is wonderful.
    Thank you!

  3. I have been to at least a dozen chiropractors in south florida. Dr Steve is no doubt the best. He uses multiple techniques and seems to know just the right touch. I get tension relief, especially in my neck and back, without any discomfort. Thanks for making a real difference!

  4. Dr. Steve,

    I highly recommend Dr. Steve. My wife and I have been to him numerous times with great results. My wife actually pinched a nerve in her neck and could barely walk. Dr. Steve got her right in and worked on her for a full hour. After the hour she could turn her head and walk much better. The ART combined with slight adjustments are awesome. Plus, Dr. Steve knows every little muscle in the body and exactly which one is too tight / restricting your range of motion.

    Thank you for all you do Steve!

  5. Hi Dr. Steve!
    Reynier & I need your services ASAP! Since we also left South Florida, we ended up having to see another Chiropractor. We were disappointed with this husband & wife practice. As we drove away from their office, Reynier & I said “Steve is so much better!” Your technique and skills are one of a kind. If we were closer to each other I would definitely with no hesitation contact you for an appointment today!

  6. Partner and I have driven two hours to get an appointment with Dr Steve. And he was worth it. We live in Oregon now and wish he was nearby. Best of luck to you, Steve.

  7. Dr. Steve has been my 2011 and 2012 go-to for restoring muscle health and joint balance.

    As a gym-athlete, who teaches intense (brutal) interval classes using ViPR, kettlebells, etcetera, my body tends to take a beating. It doesn’t help that my L4-5 microdiscetomy from 2009 has left me with scar tissue on my low back that has also affected the functional symmetry of my lower body.

    Dr. Steve’s application of Active Release Techniques (ART) has helped me feel as close to normal as I can imagine, and honestly, the combination of ART and adjustments make it tempting not to do stretches and myofascial release on my own. Yes, he’s that good.

    If you’ve suffered from similar injuries as I have, or have even thought of ART as a possible means of easing your own aches and pains, give it a shot, it’s DEFINITELY worth it.

  8. I am so glad I can publicly thank and recommend you, Steven. For those visiting this site, here’s a story you might relate to. Somehow I had strained my arm. The ache was nagging, uncomfortable and enduring. For 2 ½ months, I couldn’t do any exercises that involved my bicep or forearm in any way. Even holding a frying pan was a problem and things just weren’t improving. Everyone, includng my orthopedic doctor, told me to plan on at least six months to get back to normal. I had recently met Dr. Steve — and knew what he did — but completely missed the connection that he could help me until I asked him if he knew any good physical therapists. “What’s going on?” he asked me. It seemed he might be of help. He truly was. In about two weeks of A.R.T. sessions with Steven, he had made my arm feel dramatically better, and he gave me a simple plan that enabled me to maintain the good effects of his work between visits. Within 5 sessions, I could exercise without experiencing pain during or after my workouts. I couldn’t be happier with the results. I also have to add that it was a pleasure to be under his care – he’s knowledgeable, personable and the definition of a genuinely nice guy. Thank you, Steven

  9. Steve…I wish you were still here!

    Being an ART specialist is just one of the gifts that make you such an amazing chiropractor. I appreciate your “call me if you need me” way of conducting business, the relaxed nature of who you are and of course, the friendship we’ve developed. You have an absolute ability to identify and correct the tough issues I present and each appointment is a consistent and nurturing approach to both my physical and mental health.

    You are missed here in Fort Lauderdale…..!


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